Mini Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pies


Mini Apple Pies - Ingredients

For the dough

For the filling



Peel and shred the apples. Place shredded apples, sugar, and cinnamon in a pan over medium heat. Cook stirring occasionally until apples are tender and glazed over. Remove from heat and let cool.


Prepare the dough. Add vegetable oil, wine, and sugar in a bowl or in the mixer bowl and mix the ingredients together. Add in the flour slowly until you have a dough elastic but not firm.


It will be a little sticky and a little oily but you must stop adding flour.


Rub your hands with oil and take a small portion of the dough. Press and flatten the dough in your hand. Place a tsp of the apple filling and some finely chopped walnuts in the center and seal. Place onto a prepared baking sheet and bake in a 170°C (350°F) preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.


Let cool and sprinkle icing sugar.


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