How to use a tsoureki dough that didn’t rise!

How to use a tsoureki dough that didn’t rise!

Have you ever tried Tsoureki, the amazing greek easter bread? If you haven’t I think you should! But tsoureki’s dough is a little bit sensitive and tricky. There is a possibillity after hours of waiting not be able to rise. This is bad but you shouldn’t be disappointed! You are neither the first nor the last. I hope this comforts you a little… So if something goes wrong and your dough doesn’t rise, don’t throw it away under any circumstances! Hold back your frustration and let’s make some amazing treats! After all, the dough may not have risen but all its flavour and aroma are still there…


An unfortunate moment and a tsoureki dough that did not rise.


Τι να κάνουμε με το ζυμάρι του τσουρεκιού που δεν φούσκωσε

Cut pieces from the dough, shape them into small loaves, not too puffy, the size of a sandwich bun. Bake at 180 C until golden brown.

Keep what you want to have that day or the next and put the rest in the freezer. Or you can store all of them in the freezer if you don’t intend to do something right away.

You will take out the amount you need for the dessert that you’ll make and depending on the recipe, you will cut them into thin slices or you will crumble them. Be sure that when these “tsoureki cookies” are finished, you will wish you had more! But all good things come to an end …

Here are some delicious desserts that can you make…

Ice cream log with tsoureki and dried fruits

Ice cream cheesecake with tsoureki and strawberry sauce

Chocolate truffles with tsoureki

Tsoureki filled chocolate kariokes


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